Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

CaDRE# 01166202

Before you start your room re-arrangement, first empty the room completely. Take down all the wall décor and remove any rugs. Now, look at the room as if you are seeing it for the first time. Consider what activities you want to take place in the room. Let form follow function.

The number one mistake people make is to push all the furniture back against the walls of a den or living room. This makes conversation difficult and creates a walkway through the middle of the conversation area. Try pulling your furniture out into the room into a cozy grouping for conversation. Experiment with placing the seating group at an angle instead of neatly lined up with the walls. A rug and a coffee table can anchor the seating group so that it looks like it “belongs” in the center of the room.

Instead of spreading out your wall hangings along the walls, try grouping several pieces together for stronger impact. Also, it is easier to create “random” groupings than symmetrical designs, which require careful measuring and spacing.

Now that your furniture isn’t lining the walls you can add depth to your wall décor by creating three dimensional groupings. If you have a grouping of pictures or accessories on the wall, try placing a small table or chest below them. Dress the table top with two or three favorite objects of varying heights to add dimension.

Make a dramatic impact by slip covering your old furniture. At a fraction of the cost of new furniture you can extend the life of your old sofa and add a new color and texture to your room.

Show off your collections! Whether it’s rocks, seashells, marbles or buttons, you can purchase inexpensive clear glass containers to show off these items on a coffee table or chest.

Take advantage of your new arrangement to get rid of accessories you really don’t like-that old lamp, the dried flower arrangement that is years past its prime, and the afghan that is picked, balled and knotted. Less can be more!