Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

CaDRE# 01166202

For Living. For business. For you.

The best of any condition is the seamless combination of form and function. Lafayette’s beauty and quiet rural atmosphere is never overshadowed by the variety of services, products, activities, resources and recreations offered. They combine exquisitely into the best condition for living, working and owning a business.

For Living

Forget about Lafayette having some of California’s top primary educational institutions. Even forget about the theaters, the Lafayette reservoir, the Iron Horse walking trail… those are icing on an already tasty cake. Lafayette is so much more. For instance, look at the wide range of clubs and organizations in the community. From Little Leagues to Rotary Clubs; from drama groups to an archery club, there is something to peak everyone’s interest in being a participant in the community. The Lafayette Community Center offers a myriad of activities for all Lafayette residents from preschoolers through older adults and seniors. The City Council and City Commissions also meet at the Community Center. Living here means enjoying being a daily part of the community and having a say in what matters. Lafayette understands that your hometown is for living.

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