Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

CaDRE# 01166202

When you receive an offer from a homebuyer, chances are it will be less than you expected. The housing turmoil of the last eight years has taught buyers to go in low, except in the most heated markets.

It’s natural to get angry and indignant, but you won’t get a higher offer that way. You’ve got a fish on the hook, and jerking the rod won’t land it — you’ve got to reel it in. Like a good fisherman, you want to get the fish to the boat alive before you decide whether to throw it back.

Before you fire back a reply, try to understand why the offer is so low. Sometimes the buyer will tell their agent and their agent will tell your agent. First look at the comparables they’re using — are they relevant? Is the condition of your home better or worse than other similar homes?

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