Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

CaDRE# 01166202

Wash in cold water. It not only uses less energy, it’s not as harsh on your clothing.

Prepare your clothes properly for the wash. Buckle buckles and zip zippers to ensure that nothing snags.

Hang drying doesn’t need to be just for delicates-save energy and extend the life of all your clothes by line or hang drying.

Wash darks (especially jeans) inside out to retain that dark color.

Read labels! Most laundry problems can be avoided by properly following instructions for care.

Take good care of items once they are clean-that means folding items that should be folded, and hanging items that need to be hung.

Don’t leave clothes in dry-cleaning bags-over time, the bags can have a yellowing effect on clothing.

Speaking of dry cleaning, see if there is an eco-friendly dry cleaner in your area.