Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

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We all want our yards and gardens to be beautiful, green, and inviting, but also making them good for the environment is just as important. Whether you have just moved in, or are looking to make your existing outdoor living space an earth-friendly place, here are a few tips that can help!

Expand your garden, shrink your yard. Grass yards take a lot of time and resources to maintain; replacing them with wildflower gardens or gravel living spaces can reduce your water and fuel consumption.

Replace your gas or electric mower with a reel lawn mower. They do take more work, buy it’s a great way to get in a workout!

Purchase a rain barrel. Collecting rainwater and using it to water your yard and plants is a great conservation technique, and will reduce your water bill.

Compost. Maintaining compost will not only reduce your contribution to landfills, but gives you high quality, free fertilizer for your plants.

Plant a tree. Trees not only reduce the CO² in our environment, they also provide shade to your yard and home.

Create an organic vegetable garden. Vegetable gardens can provide you and your family with a delicious, healthy, and very inexpensive food source, and are a great addition to any garden.

Plant indigenous plants. Plants that are native to your location require a lot less maintenance and thrive in their natural conditions.

Eliminate harmful pesticides from your garden. There are a number of alternatives to the use of toxic pesticides, which pollute both our personal living space and the planet. Your local garden supply center can help you find an alternative that is right for your garden or yard.