Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

CaDRE# 01166202

You have a lot of control over the condition your car is in-and the better the condition, the longer it will keep getting you where you need to go!

Be sure you take your car in for regular checkups! Engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant should be checked every 3,000 miles.

Pay a little extra today to keep your car looking new tomorrow. That means having it cleaned and waxed to protect the exterior finish.

Keep your tires in good health. That means checking tire pressure about every 1,000 miles, rotating your tires every season, and avoiding squealing.

Drain and flush antifreeze every 20,000 miles.

Have your timing belt replaced at 80,000 miles-before it breaks and damages your engine!

Get to know your vehicle. You should be able to do a bit of basic maintenance on your car. Every now and then give your car a good once-over, making sure that lights are working, tires are wearing evenly, and nothing looks out of place.

Be careful. Be careful how you drive (taking off fast and stopping quickly can be bad for the engine). Be careful where you park in order to avoid dents.