Christies Sereno White

Dave Bauer

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Walk or bike to work, or to run your errands. Not only is this an easy way to help the planet, it can also save you money and give you a workout!

Turn off the lights. We’ve all heard this one before, but if we all did it the impact would be enormous.

Recycle. Setting up a recycling station in your garage or under the kitchen sink can make recycling easier.

Turn down the heat (or air conditioning). Setting the thermostat a few degrees cooler in winter and a few degrees warmer in summer can reduce your carbon footprint and your bill.

Unplug your appliances and electronics. Even when they are not in use, appliances that are plugged in use small amounts of electricity that can add up over time.

Use reusable mugs for your coffee and containers for your lunches. This is a great way to reduce waste, and will encourage you to eat healthier and cheaper!

Request e-bills from your credit card companies and utilities, and ask your letter carrier to stop the junk mail.

Start a compost heap in your yard. It is as simple as purchasing a container at your local hardware store, and is a great way to produce useful fertilizer for your garden.

Wash your clothes in cold water. Using less hot water means you are using less power to heat it.

Use reusable cloth bags for your groceries and other purchases. If we all did this it would mean billions of bags fewer each year in our landfills. Try finding ones that are made of recycled materials for an even greener option.